Busselton-Margaret River Airport Noise Management Plan 2022

Published on Monday, 12 September 2022 at 6:00:00 AM

The City of Busselton has implemented a new Noise Management Plan (2022), which was recently approved by the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority.

The City was required to complete a review of the Noise Management Plan (2019) three years from the date of issue and submit a report to the CEO of the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority. This review has been undertaken, presented to council and public comment sought.  

The community were invited to provide feedback through a community consultation process in November and December 2021. The draft Noise Management Plan (2022) was available for public comment for three weeks through the City’s YourSay platform. 14 submissions were received.

Upon closure of public comment, submissions and the draft plan were presented to council before the final draft was provided to the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority. On 29 August 2022 this draft was said to meet the requirements of condition 6-1 of Ministerial Statement 1088 and therefore, was approved for implementation.

The following changes to the plan have occurred:

  • Type of aircraft for flight training has been updated to single engine, non-turbine aircraft only;
  • Flight instructor cumulative hours have changed to a total of 35 hours per week per instructor (inclusive of circuit training and NDB training), where an average of 25 hours per week per instructor is not exceeded over the course of 12 months;
  • Section Four: Noise Complaints
    • Updated to reflect roles and responsibilities for aircraft noise complaints;
  • Section Nine: Implementation and Review
    • Removal of Land based activities and Activities in Airspace which are covered in other chapters from the Compliance Framework section;
  • Text has been revised and edited to provide a more succinct outline; and
  • Formatting altered and removal of repetitive text.

   To review the new approved Noise Management Plan (2022) please click here.

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