Flight Schedules

Face Masks

As directed by the WA State Government, mask wearing in airport terminals is no longer mandatory from 12:01am Saturday 18 June 2022. Masks are encouraged to be worn in all terminals, if people wish to wear them. Masks must continue to be worn on aircraft, in line with health advice.

Security Screening

Busselton Margaret River Airport is a security controlled airport. Australian Government law requires everyone entering into a secure area, like our departure lounge to be security screened first. This is to identify prohibited items or weapons, and to prevent them being taken into the departure lounge, airside or on-board an aircraft.

Compulsory passenger screening at BMRA is performed to Australian Government standards using X-ray machines, body scanners, walk-through metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, and if required, bag searches.

Explosive Trace Detection systems are used for random screening of passengers and carry on goods to check if there’s been any contact with explosives, or chemicals used in explosive compounds.

Refusal to undergo any part of the screening process will mean you won’t be allowed to enter our departure lounge, and you could be prevented from boarding your flight.

Detection dogs may be deployed in the arrivals terminal.

Unattended Baggage

Luggage, boxes or similar items cannot be left unattended in any area of the airport. Any unattended items will be treated as suspicious. Anyone finding unattended items should report them immediately to Airport Security staff.

Make sure your luggage has your name and destination clearly displayed. Airlines tags are available in the Departure terminal.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are items or substances that could endanger the safety of passengers or the aircraft. Please check directly with your airline for information on their prohibited items.

Inappropriate Jokes, Comments & Suspicious Behaviour

Any comment made, even in jest, regarding the possession or knowledge of a weapon or explosive device is taken seriously and can result in prosecution and / or refusal by airlines to fly you.

Abusive &/or Intoxicated Passengers

A passenger who appears to be intoxicated, behaving erratically or is abusive to other passengers or staff can be refused boarding permission, or be removed from an aircraft.

For more information, visit the WA Government FAQs

Flight schedule information:

Bookings are not available for Closed Charter flights.

For all Jetstar enquiries phone 131 538. To book visit Jetstar.

For flight tracking visit FlightRadar24.

Day Flight Number Origin Arrive
Monday Jetstar (RPT) Melbourne 1140
Tuesday VA9225 (Closed Charter) Perth 0605
Tuesday VA9273 (Closed Charter) Perth 0655
Tuesday  QQ6080 (Closed Charter) Perth  0830
Tuesday  QF2904 (Closed Charter) Christmas Creek 1110
Tuesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1125
Tuesday VA9270 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1215
Tuesday  QQ6081 (Closed Charter) Newman  1645
Tuesday VA9233 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1815
Tuesday VA9275 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1925
Wednesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Perth 0605
Wednesday VA9267 (Closed Charter) Perth 0800
Wednesday  VA9429 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1135
Wednesday Jetstar (RPT) Melbourne 1140
Wednesday VA9282 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 1325
Wednesday Maroomba (Closed Charter) Perth 1230
Wednesday  QF2905 (Closed Charter) Perth 1700
Wednesday VA9290 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 1730
Wednesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1815
Wednesday  Maroomba (Closed Charter) Carosue Dam 1815
Thursday VA9251 (Closed Charter) Perth 0655
Thursday QQ1686 (Closed Charter) Eliwana 1200
Thursday VA9264 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1215
Thursday VA9269 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1900
Friday No Services
Saturday Jetstar (RPT) Melbourne 1140
Sunday No Services
Day Flight Number Destination Depart
Monday Jetstar (RPT) Melbourne 1215
Tuesday  QF2904 (Closed Charter) Christmas Creek 0600
Tuesday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 0645
Tuesday VA9273 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 0735
Tuesday  QQ6080 (Closed Charter)  Newman  0900
Tuesday  QF2904 (Closed Charter)  Christmas Creek 1110
Tuesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Perth 1205
Tuesday VA9270 (Closed Charter) Perth 1255
Tuesday  QQ6081 (Closed Charter) Perth 1730
Tuesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Perth 1850
Tuesday VA9274 (Closed Charter) Perth 2005
Wednesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 0645
Wednesday VA9282 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 0850
Wednesday Jetstar (RPT) Melbourne 1215
Wednesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Perth 1220
Wednesday Maroomba (Closed Charter) Carosue Dam 1340
Wednesday VA9282 (Closed Charter) Perth 1405
Wednesday VA9290 (Closed Charter) Perth 1805
Wednesday Maroomba (Closed Charter) Perth 1935
Thursday QF1687 (Closed Charter) Solomon 0600
Thursday VA9251 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 0735
Thursday QF2907 (Closed Charter) Perth 1240
Thursday VA9264 (Closed Charter) Perth 1255
Thursday VA9242 (Closed Charter) Perth 1935
Friday No Services
Saturday Jetstar (RPT) Melbourne 1215
Sunday No Services