Flight Schedules

Closed Charter Flights

Busselton Margaret River Airport hosts a range of Closed Charter flights for resource companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortesque Metals Group.   Bookings are not available for these flights - please contact the companies directly for enquiries.

Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) Flights

For all Jetstar enquiries phone 131 538. To book visit Jetstar.

For flight tracking visit FlightRadar24.

Flight Information

All flights and times are subject to change.  This schedule should be used as a guide only and any information communicated to passengers should be confirmed with the airline directly.  We do not verify the accuracy or completeness of this flight information and disclaim any implied warranties with regard to it.  Therefore we shall have no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on flight information on this site which may prove to be inaccurate.

Day Flight Number Origin Arrive
Monday JQ900 (RPT) Melbourne 1025
Monday QF2911 (Closed Charter) Perth 1700
Tuesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Perth 0605
Tuesday VA9273(Closed Charter) Perth 0655
Tuesday QQ6080 (Closed Charter) Perth 0830
Tuesday QF2913 (Closed Charter) Christmas Creek 1050
Tuesday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1125
Tuesday VA9270 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1215
Tuesday QQ6081 (Closed Charter) Newman 1635
Tuesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1815
Tuesday VA9274 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1935
Wednesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Perth 0605
Wednesday PY5509 (Closed Charter) Perth 0615
Wednesday VA9267 (Closed Charter) Perth 0800
Wednesday QQ6080 (Closed Charter) Perth 0830
Wednesday JQ900 (RPT) Melbourne 1025
Wednesday VA9224(Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1125
Wednesday PY5511 (Closed Charter) Perth 1205
Wednesday PY5509 (Closed Charter) Thunderbox 1245
Wednesday VA9282 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 1325
Wednesday QQ6081 (Closed Charter) Coondewanna 1555
Wednesday QF2915 (Closed Charter) Perth 1700
Wednesday VA9290 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 1730
Wednesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1815
Wednesday PY5511 (Closed Charter) Thunder Box 1835
Thursday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Perth 0600
Thursday VA9251 (Closed Charter) Perth 0655
Thursday VA9355 (Closed Charter) Perth 0810
Thursday JQ900 (RPT) Melbourne 1025
Thursday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1120
Thursday QF2917 (Closed Charter) Eliwana 1200
Thursday VA9264 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1215
Thursday VA9242 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1855
Thursday VA9216 (Closed Charter) Geraldton 1940
Friday No Services
Saturday JQ900 (RPT) Melbourne 1115
Sunday No Services
Day Flight Number Destination Depart
Monday JQ901 (RPT) Melbourne 1115
Tuesday QF2912 (Closed Charter) Christmas Creek 0600
Tuesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 0645
Tuesday VA9273 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 0735
Tuesday QQ6080 (Closed Charter) Newman 0900
Tuesday QF2913 (Closed Charter) Perth 1150
Tuesday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Perth 1205
Tuesday VA9270 (Closed Charter) Perth 1255
Tuesday QQ6081 (Closed Charter) Perth 1705
Tuesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Perth 1855
Tuesday VA9274 (Closed Charter) Perth 2015
Wednesday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 0645
Wednesday PY5509 (Closed Charter) Carosue Dam 0655
Wednesday VA9267 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 0845
Wednesday QQ6080 (Closed Charter) Coondewanna 0915
Wednesday JQ901 (RPT) Melbourne 1115
Wednesday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Perth 1215
Wednesday PY5511 (Closed Charter) Carosue Dam 1245
Wednesday PY5510 (Closed Charter) Perth 13:25
Wednesday VA9282 (Closed Charter) Perth 1405
Wednesday QQ6081 (Closed Charter) Perth 1625
Wednesday VA9290 (Closed Charter) Perth 1805
Wednesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Perth 1850
Wednesday PY5512 (Closed Charter) Perth 1915
Thursday QF2916 (Closed Charter) Solomon 0600
Thursday VA9429 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 0640
Thursday VA9251 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 0735
Thursday VA9355 (Closed Charter) Gudai-Darri 0845
Thursday JQ901 (RPT) Melbourne 1115
Thursday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Perth 1200
Thursday QF2917 (Closed Charter) Perth 1240
Thursday VA9264 (Closed Charter) Perth 1255
Thursday VA9242 (Closed Charter) Perth 1935
Thursday VA9216 (Closed Charter) Perth 2015
Friday No Services
Saturday JQ901 (RPT) Melbourne 1115
Sunday No Services