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As Busselton Margaret River Airport grows we are establishing strong links with our local community via partnerships of events, sports teams, charities and festivals. Please feel free to contact us if you have any proposals.

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Busselton Margaret River Airport is committed to effective environmental management as a joint responsibility of the City of Busselton, airlines, private operators and tenants.

We actively manage noise, water, soil and air pollution and strive to control greenhouse gas emissions that relate to energy use and associated aircraft operations.


Aircraft Noise Complaints

Busselton Margaret River Airport is conscious of potential noise impacts on the community, in particular for those residents underneath flight paths or adjacent to the airport.

Busselton Margaret River Airport has worked with operators to develop mechanisms for managing aircraft noise including:

 Noise Abatement Procedures

 Operational Procedures and Guidelines

 Fly Neighbourly Agreements

 Noise Management Plan

Airservices Australia is the Federal government body that is responsible for managing airspace within Australia. We encourage any concerns regarding noise at the airport to be raised with Airservices Australia’s Noise Complaint Information Service.

For more information about aircraft noise please visit

The City of Busselton is responsible for all noise complaints generated by ground running of engines. For complaints relating to this type of noise please contact us.

Aircraft Noise Management

The City of Busselton has recently undertaken a review of the BMRA Noise Management Plan, following a period of review and public consultation. The Office of the Environmental Protection Authority approved the BMRA Noise Management Plan (2022) on 29 August 2022.

 OEPA Reporting

Airservices Australia’s Noise Complaint Information Service

24 hour/7 day per week

Free call 1800 802 584, or write to:

Noise Complaint Information Service (NCIS)

PO Box 211

Mascot NSW 1460

 Online complaints form