Projects & Planning

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Information about current and past infrastructure projects at Busselton Margaret River Airport.

Current Projects

Past Projects

 Stage 1 Development of Commercial and Industrial Precinct

 Design and Construction of Airside Infrastructure

 Design and Construction of Landside Infrastructure

 Installation of Bird Netting of Stormwater Retention Basin

 Design and Construction of Terminal Building Improvements

 Design and Construction of Arrivals Hall



Master Plan

Airports require long-term planning horizons and Master Plans are developed periodically by the airport operator as part of good business practice to plan out the staged growth of an airport over the development horizon.

The Master Plan is a planning document that sets out how the airport will be developed over time to accommodate the future needs of the airport and the community as they grow over the next 20 years and beyond.

The last revision of the Busselton Margaret River Airport Master Plan was prepared in 2016.


Airspace Protection

Protected airspace around Busselton Margaret River Airport comprises the airspace above the lower of two sets of defined invisible surfaces above the ground – known as the:

 Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS); and

 Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS) surfaces.

Activities that could infringe protected airspace and pose a hazard to air navigation include:

 construction or erection of any building or other structure that may intrude into airspace, including construction cranes;

 an activity that results in artificial or reflected light that exceeds acceptable light intensities or is capable of blinding or confusing pilots

 an activity that results in air turbulence, and

 an activity that results in the emissions of smoke, dust or other particulate matter.

Persons wishing to conduct any of the above activities should contact us for further information and to allow us to undertake an assessment of the proposed activity.