Drone Zones

droneGlobally drones, also referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable.  In Australia this is resulting in larger numbers of drones being flown for recreational and commercial purposes.

Drone Zones around Busselton Margaret River Airport

Busselton-Margaret River Airport supports and encourages operators to familiarise themselves with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) rules governing drone use, including new rules which were introduced in September 2016.  Their primary purpose is to ensure that aviation safety is maintained and drone operators are taking responsibility for ensuring the safety of their operations and of the surrounding airspace.

Drone operators are responsible for ensuring that their flights comply with Civil Aviation Safety Authority Rules.  Penalties can be tough for flying drones outside of aviation rules or without the correct permissions.

Rules relating to Busselton-Margaret River Airport and recreational drone use are:

 You must not begin flying within 5.5 kilometres of a non-controlled aerodrome if there is a manned aircraft operating to, or from, the aerodrome.

You must safely manoeuvre your drone away from the path of a manned aircraft and land as soon as safely possible if you become aware that a manned aircraft is operating to or from the non-controlled aerodrome or helicopter landing site.

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