Day Flight Number Origin Arrive
Monday No Services
Tuesday VA9225 (Closed Charter) Perth 0605
Tuesday VA9273 (Closed Charter) Perth 0655
Tuesday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1125
Tuesday VA9270 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1215
Tuesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1815
Tuesday VA9274 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1925
Wednesday VA9225 (Closed Charter) Perth 0605
Wednesday VA9267 (Closed Charter) Perth 0800
Wednesday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1135
Wednesday VA9282 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 1325
Wednesday VA9290 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 1730
Wednesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 1815
Thursday VA9251 (Closed Charter) Perth 0655
Thursday VA9264 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1215
Thursday VA9242 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 1900
Friday No Services
Saturday No Services
Sunday No Services
Day Flight Number Destination Depart
Monday No Services
Tuesday VA9225 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 0645
Tuesday VA9273 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 0735
Tuesday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Perth 1205
Tuesday VA9270 (Closed Charter) Perth 1255
Tuesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Perth 1850
Tuesday VA9274 (Closed Charter) Perth 2005
Wednesday VA9225 (Closed Charter) Boolgeeda 0645
Wednesday VA9267 (Closed Charter) Barimunya 0850
Wednesday VA9224 (Closed Charter) Perth 1220
Wednesday VA9282 (Closed Charter) Perth 1405
Wednesday VA9290 (Closed Charter) Perth 1805
Wednesday VA9214 (Closed Charter) Perth 1850
Thursday VA9251 (Closed Charter) West Angelas 0735
Thursday VA9264 (Closed Charter) Perth 1255
Thursday VA9242 (Closed Charter) Perth 1935
Friday No Services
Saturday No Services
Sunday No Services

Flight schedule information:

Bookings are not available for Closed Charter flights.

Flight Schedules are a guide only. For more detailed arrival and departure times please contact the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association on (08) 9751 3489. For flight tracking visit FlightRadar24.