Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport

Existing Flight Path Analysis

Recently the City engaged in discussions with Virgin Australia Regional Airlines (VARA) flight operations and Air Services Australia to implement measures to minimise aircraft noise (Fokker 100 aircraft) over residential properties during arrival and departures at the Busselton Margaret River Airport (BMRA). Some of the implemented measures have included the following;

  • Maximum climb speed to 5000ft and reduced engine thrust on departures

  • Runway 21 departures – left hand turns

  • Runway 21 arrivals  - 10 NM runway line up

  • Right hand circuits for Runway 03 arrivals

The City has received positive feedback from the Airport's Consultative Group community representatives as a result of the implemented measures.

The City is further progressing its efforts to minimise aircraft noise (existing and future) related to the BMRA by awarding the design and implementation of new Instrument Flight Procedures to The Airport Group.

This work involves the design of new approach and departure flight instrument procedures and will include analysis of noise reduction measures to lessen the noise impact on residents, particularly in noise sensitive areas.

The design and implementation of instrument flight procedures is expected to be completed by the end of March 2018 however any new identified flight paths or noise reduction measures will be shared with the commujnity as work progresses.

Regional Funding Partners support Busselton-Margaret River Airport Future Marketing Fund

Regional commitment to the Busselton-Margaret River Airport (BMRA) Development Project has always been strong but became evident recently with the financial commitment by our local govenrment neighbours and tourism industry partners pledging $445K to the City's future Airport Marketing Fund.  The purpose of the Fund is to assist in the attraction and retention of airlines to the South West region of Western Australia.
The City extends its sincere appreciate to all our regional partners for their financial support.

Ertech Awarded Major Airport Contract

The City of Busselton has awarded the design and construction contract for the airside works at the Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport to Western Australian based company Ertech.

The airside works will commence in early 2017 and include:

  •  the lengthening, widening and strengthening the existing runway;
  •  the construction of new apron parking bays and connecting taxiways; and
  •  new aeronautical ground lighting.

The appointment of Ertech as design and construct contractor marks an important milestone for the project and will allow the City to complete the project by late 2018 in line with State Government timelines. 

More consultation for community about Airport Development

An important step in the environmental approvals process for the Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport (BMRRA) Development Project has been met with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) determining the City will be required to undertake a Public Environmental Review (PER) as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process.

The PER sets out what potential environmental issues could arise from the proposed future operations on completion of the upgrades at the airport and outlines strategies to minimise and mitigate these issues.

As part of the PER the City will conduct further community consultation, building on consultation undertaken since the announcement of the project in June 2015.

Federal Government pledges $9.78 million to Airport

Member for Forrest Nola Marino MP announced a $9.78million Federal Government pre-election funding commitment to progress the Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport project.

This funding will enable infrastructure necessary for international flight operations to be facilitated in the next stage of the project returning significant economies of scale and helping us future-proof our growing City.

An expanded airport capable of accommodating flights to the Eastern States as well as international destinations like Singapore, Denpasar and Kuala Lumpur will significantly lower the cost of doing business in this region. It will attract regional investment, expand the market share of local producers, encourage entrepreneurship and create employment opportunities. There will be obvious spin-offs for tourism and tourism-related industries.