Busselton Margaret River Airport

Airport fees and charges are detailed in the table below all charges are inclusive of GST where applicable. The following fees and charges are for the 2018/19 Financial Year.


Regular Passenger Transport

Passenger facilitation fee for RPT flights (arriving & departing passengers) - Commercial Airlines by Agreement only


Passenger Screening charge (departing passengers only) for RPT and passengers requiring screening during the RPT operational period applies.


Passenger Facilitation fee for Open and Closed Charter flights (using Ground & BHS services) - departing passengers only:


*Price on Application. Contact City of Busselton for further information

General Aviation

Aircraft 0-999kg MTOW (Flat fee per landing):


Aircraft 1000 - 1999kg MTOW (Flat fee per landing):


Aircraft 2000 - 5699kg MTOW per part 1000kg:


Aircraft greater than 5700kg MTOW per part 1000kg:


Scheduled Charter and RPT Aircraft by Commercial Negotiation

by commercial negotiation

An annual landing fee per aircraft (optional to per landing fee), for private aircraft (not including flight training aircraft) for City of Busselton residents and hangar lessees only with aircraft less than 2000kg MTOW (Application Form)


An annual landing fee (optional to per landing fee) for commercial operators (including flight training and touch and go's) for City of Busselton residents and/or hangar lessees only, for aircraft 0 - 2000kg MTOW (Application Form)


Apron Parking

Apron Parking bays 1-11 only, per day - first 3 hours free


Apron Parking bays 1-11 per week- By Commercial Negotiation

by commercial negotiation

General Aviation hardstand parking only, per week


General Aviation hardstand parking only, per day - first 24 hours free


Emergency Services consisting of Royal Flying Doctor Service, Aerorescue, SLSWA Rescue Helicopter, DFES including Water Bombers, Fire Spotters and Helicopters and Police Air Wing:


Car Park

Per motor vehicle / motor bike per day


Lost parking validation ticket


Other Fees

ARO afterhours Call-out including Fuel, CEO Non-conforming activity, carpark, airside escorts - Rate per hour (minimum 3 hours).


Flight Training Permits (as defined in the City of Busselton Noise Management Plan on approval by the City only):


Hire Car license fee for operating at the Busselton regional Airport (in addition to lease):


Fee for any commercial or private activity that requires a City approved permit or licence


Loss of City Issued Visitor Identification Card (VIC-ATSR):


Airport Reporting Officer airside escort, rate per hour for ARO time >30 minutes (not including Local Standby, Full Emergency, Crash on Airport with ARO in attendance)